The Beer

Our Current Range

Cream Ale 

Alc/Vol%:   4.8             IBU:  20


Description: A clean, flavorful American lawnmower beer. An ale version of the American lager style. Made in the traditional method with a cereal mash cooker, using 50% malt barley and 50% raw corn maize grown on our farm.  A sweet, corn-like aroma with faint malt notes. Lightly hopped with Pride of Ringwood grown on our farm.  Very pale light gold in color and cloudy from starch haze which gives it a milky, whitish-yellow appearance.  A pleasant sweet and refreshingly crisp beer with a dry tart finish.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt 50%
Raw Corn Maize 50%
Pride of Ringwood Hops


Alc/Vol%: 4.7           IBU:  15IMG_5337

Description:  “Historically, Saisons’ did not share enough identifiable characteristics to pin them down as a specific style, but rather were a group of refreshing summer ales made by farmers. Each farm brewer would make his own distinctive version”.   This season we grew a wheat originating from Bordeaux in France (Rouge de Bordeaux).  We started with a hand full of seed from the Australian Seed Bank and it has taken over 3 years to produce enough on our farm.  To celebrate the harvest we decided to brew a seasonal beer.  The resulting beer is a light refreshing wheat beer with complex citrus tones and a slightly sour finish. A lovely golden colour with high carbonation.

We hope you enjoy our Saison……

Ingredients:  Traditional Ale Malt (60%), Wheat (40%) , Hops (Perle)

Pale Ale 


Alc/Vol%:   5.2              IBU:  35

A prominent hop aroma with a harmony of flowers, fruit, earth and spice. A clean malty sweetness may be found in the background. Fruitiness from esters and hops.  A flavorful, yet refreshing, session beer. Emphasis is on the bittering hop addition as opposed to the aggressive middle and late hopping seen in American Pale Ales.   

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt, Warrior & Willamette Hops


India Pale Ale  (IPA)

Alc/Vol% 5.8           IBU:   50

IPADescription:  A prominent hop aroma from dry hopping with Amarillo, Citra and Galaxy.  this is a spicy beer with lots of estery bite and deep copper colour.  Flavourful yet refreshing, session beer.  Emphasis is on the bittering from first wort hopping and high temperature fermentation to bring out the most from the fruity yeast.  If you like bitter, floral, earthy, citrusy, piney, fruity, and, yes once more, bitter flavour notes, you’ll love this IPA.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt 95%, Crystal Malt 5%
Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy Hops


Belgian Cherry Ale

Alc/Vol%:   8.1            IBU:  15

Belgian Cherry AleA refreshingly sour cherry ale made from local Morello Cherries. A lovely cherry red ale that pours with a lively, creamy pink head. The fruity esters and long dry sour finish give this beer a lip smacking zesty tartness that makes you want to go back for more.  The malt based beer undergoes a secondary fermentation with Morello cherries grown by the Cherry Man (Benalla). The beer is then laid down to rest for over 6 months to mature and develop the classic flavours of a traditional Cherry Ale.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt 42.9%
Pilsner Malt 42.9%, Rolled Oats 5.4%, Malted Wheat 5.4%, Amber Malt 2.6%, Crystal Malt 0.5%, Chocolate Malt 0.4%, Goldings & Saaz Hops and fresh Morello Cherries



Belgian Farmhouse Ale

Alc/Vol%: 5.2         IBU:  16

FarmhouseDescription: A light fruity Belgian Farmhouse Ale made from all the malts and grains available in our farm brewery. Lightly hopped with Goldings & Saaz hops grown on our farm.  A light amber color, clear in appearance with a dark soul. Carbonation is moderate. A light hop and malt flavor, a complex well rounded beer. Spicy flavors from the Belgian Ardennes yeast.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt 42.9%
Pilsner Malt 42.9%, Rolled Oats 5.4%, Malted Wheat 5.4%, Amber Malt 2.6%, Crystal Malt 0.5%, Chocolate Malt 0.4%, Goldings & Saaz Hops


Belgian Triple Ale 

Alc/Vol%: 9            IBU:    15

Fruity esters, spicy phenols and yeast-borne aromatics. Aromas from coriander are present. Lightly hopped with Saaz hops grown on our farm. Colour amber with reddish hues. Clear in appearance, with good head retention. Carbonation is moderate.   A light hop and malt flavor, with complex well rounded beer. Spicy flavors from the Belgian Ardennes yeast and caramelized honey produced by our bees on the Farm.  A Fairly light-bodied beer for its’ original gravity with a warming sensation from the alcohol.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt, Dark candi Honey
Saaz Hops & Coriander Seed
Method: Single stage infusion mash


McQuinns Brown Ale

Alc/Vol%:   4.5 – 5.5                        IBU:   21

A light sweet malt aroma with coffee, chocolate and caramel notes.  Dark amber brown in colour, with a creamy off-white head.  Gentle to moderate malt sweetness, with a light caramely toasted biscuit character and medium finish.  Low bitterness with malt and hope balance nearly even.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt 56.4%, Amber Malt 25.6%, Crystal Malt 15.4%, Chocolate Malt 2.6%, Chinook & Goldings Hops

Black Oat Stout   


Alc/Vol %:  4.6                    IBU:  30

Description:    Our Black Oat Stout is light bodied, smooth, silky and creamy.  A medium sweet to medium dry palate, with complex oat and dark roasted grain flavours.  Hop aroma is low due to early single addition of Chinook hops grown on our farm.  Medium hop bitterness with the balance towards roast barley bitterness.  

We use Saia Oats in our Black Oat Stout.  Saia are a small black oat that dates back to the Bronze Age and is grown extensively throughout the Strathbogie Ranges because of its tolorance to our harsh and variable climate.  We have sourced these oats from our neighbour to produce a truly unique beer.

Ingredients: Traditional Ale Malt 70%, Rolled Black Oats  (Saia) 20%
Roast Barley 10%