Apple Cider

Greenwood Apple Cider

IMG_5269-e1537318527944-2834662095-1575891467458-scaled.jpgMade from beautiful Biodynamic apples grown by Greenwoods Orchards Merrigum

Our new world apple cider is made from a blend of biodynamic apples including Pink Lady, Fuji, Granny Smith and Sundowner. A lovely golden cloudy apple cider. Full apple flavours and aromas, toffee apple notes, crisp acid, clean finish with structure and a little tannin with a dry finish.

Our cider is unfiltered and has a natural apple and yeast sediment in the bottle, pour carefully for a clear cider or rouse the bottle by rolling gently. The flavour changes, try it and see which you prefer. Perfect over ice on a warm day.




Introducing Our Old World Heritage Apple Cider

Strathbogie Apple Cider ……..(Sold Out)…….

strathbogie cider


Made from beautiful Heritage apples grown on our farm.

Our old world apple cider is made from a blend of heritage apples including Orange Cox Pippin, Yarlington Mill, Fox Whelp and Kingston Black.   A lovely golden, bright apple cider.  Full apple aromas, slightly sour, crisp and clean with a dry finish.