Apple Cider

Old World Heritage Apple Cider

Strathbogie Apple Cider



Made from beautiful Heritage apples grown on our farm.  Our old world apple cider is made from a blend of heritage apples including Orange Cox Pippin, Yarlington Mill, Fox Whelp, Lady William, Rome Beauty and Kingston Black.   A lovely golden, cloudy apple cider.  Full apple aromas, full tannin flavours from the cooked apples, slightly sour, crisp and clean with a dry finish.

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Greenwood Apple Cider

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Made from beautiful Biodynamic apples grown by Greenwoods Orchards Merrigum

Our new world apple cider is made from a blend of biodynamic apples including Pink Lady, Fuji, Granny Smith and Sundowner. A lovely golden cloudy apple cider. Full apple flavours and aromas, toffee apple notes, crisp acid, clean finish with structure and a little tannin with a dry finish.

Our cider is unfiltered and has a natural apple and yeast sediment in the bottle, pour carefully for a clear cider or rouse the bottle by rolling gently. The flavour changes, try it and see which you prefer. Perfect over ice on a warm day.